Standard Facades

Energy has custom-developed each of the following facades which come standard in all Mitzvah packages. These facades serve a dual purpose — they provide a focal point to the dance floor while also providing a clean and polished look to our DJ setup (the wires, cases & other back-end aspects of our sound systems are shielded from the view of your guests, photographs & videos).

Please Note: The “Half Black Facade” is strongly recommended for events where the decor company will be providing a backdrop or other signage around the DJ area; the other facades are quite a bit taller and may block the view of the intended backdrop or signage.

Standard Facades by Energy

Burst Facade by Energy Productions


Diamond Facade by Energy Northbrook


Water Facade by Energy Productions


Lips Facade from Energy


Flame Facade by Energy Productions


Tree Facade by Energy Productions


Half Black Facade by Energy

Half Black

Standard Facades with Truss by Energy

Burst Facade & Light Truss from Energy

Burst & Light Truss

Diamond Facade & Light Truss by Energy

Diamond & Light Truss

Water Facade & Light Truss from Energy

Water & Light Truss

Lips Facade & Light Truss from Energy Productions

Lips & Light Truss

Flame Facade & Light Truss by Energy

Flame & Light Truss

Tree Facade & Light Truss by Energy Northbrook

Tree & Light Truss

Half Black Facade with Truss by Energy