Available Upgrades

Inspired by Las Vegas, Miami & New York club scenes, our sets are custom designed and engineered by our in-house production crew. Our custom items cannot be seen anywhere outside of Energy events!

Energy Productions offers a full array of sound, video, lighting & staging options. We can provide backdrops, stage lighting, dance floor lighting, custom-built or custom-configured staging and sets, LCD & plasma displays, big-screen projection, music videos, live simulcasts and an endless array of other options which will help contribute to the desired theme of your party or special event.

The following is a selection of the custom upgrades which we currently have available for all events. Please note that due to their custom nature, these options are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact our office to confirm pricing & availability for your event, or to find out about additional options we can provide for you.

Level 1 Upgrades by Energy Productions

Lighting Truss by Energy Productions Northbrook IL

Omnidirectional Lighting Truss

Spectrum Facade by Energy Productions Northbrook IL

Spectrum Facade*

Spectrum Risers by Energy Productions Entertainment

Spectrum Risers*

White Lit Risers by Energy

White Lit Risers

Entertainment Montage by Energy Productions Northbrook

Montage Service

Spectrum Cubes from Energy

Spectrum Cubes*

Upgrades Level 2 Energy Productions Northbrook

Rubix Wall Light Boxes by Energy Productions

Rubix Wall*

Spectrum Facade & Risers by Energy Productions

Spectrum Facade & Risers*

Plasma Panels by Energy Productions Northbrook IL

Plasma Panels*

HD Towers by DJ Energy Productions

HD Towers*

Dual Drummers of Energy Productions

Dual Percussionists

Miami Towers by Energy

Miami Towers & Facade

Combination Sets by Energy Productions Entertainment Northbrook

*Each of these items has been outfitted with integrated LED lighting technology. Colors can be custom-matched to your event decor so as to fit seamlessly with whatever theme or environment your decor has designed. During dance sets, the lighting will move through over 500 pre-programmed patterns as well as pulsate to the beat of the music. During slower points of the evening such as toasts & candle lighting, the colors will remain one color so as not to cause any distraction.