Information for Prospective Clients

Energy Productions Difference Energy Productions is proud of the business reputation we have built through our more than 22 years of entertainment experience. Whether you were referred to us by a friend or you saw us in your local temple directory, we are happy you are here! While we place ourselves at the top of the industry in terms of talent, service and client satisfaction, we realize there are many competing options available for your entertainment needs. Though many of our competitors are bothered by the saturated market, we actually see it as a benefit – both to you and to Energy. A market with high levels of competition means that we must strive to not only meet your needs – but also exceed your expectations. When choosing Energy for your event, you are choosing an experienced company that not only offers the most talented and unique performances, but truly cares about the satisfaction of all our clients, regardless of event type or budget.

Energy is a real organization with real personnel. We have a full-time staff of event consultants who are stationed at our office in Northbrook, IL. We own all of our equipment & trucks. We have exclusive contracts with every member of our performance and production teams. Energy is a corporation with strong roots, unlike many other options in the marketplace. We strive to be the best; that’s why There Is A Difference!

Comparing entertainment options for your

Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration?

Energy automatically provides the following benefits at no additional cost to our clients

Choice of Emcee & Dancers
You family will be invited to one of our Family Nights where you will be able to interact with our talented staff and see them perform. You request the staff who will be at your event.

Choice of DJ Facade
You choose which of our custom-designed DJ front-boards you will have at your party. (On a similar note: Energy never places our company logo at your Bar/Bat Mitzvah event. You are not paying an entertainment company to use your event as free advertisement.)

Choice of Dancer Outfits
You choose which outfits our dancers will wear at your event. With over 40 options – including both unisex and gender specific costumes – you choose how our staff will be presented at your event.

Two-Tiered Black Dance Risers
Along with the DJ Facade, our two-tiered dance risers bring a strong presence to the dance floor and provide a fun, safe platform for our staff and your guests to dance.

Custom Designed Sound System
Energy sound engineers have developed a custom sound system that is the clearest in the industry. The capability of performing in a room of up to 500 guests is automatically included in every package. (While our DJs have the most professional sound experience, they are always willing to change the volume level upon your request during your event.)

45,000+ Song Music Library
Each Energy DJ is equipped with over 45,000 songs that can be played on the fly. Regardless of the type of music you or your guests may request, odds are we will be able to play it! Furthermore, Energy subscribes to a variety of subscription music services which provide us with the most current and edited tracks. We never play dirty lyrics at our events.

Seasoned Professionals
We take pride in our image and realize that professionalism makes the greatest impression! Thus, all Energy staff is vigorously trained to be among the best in the industry. Additionally, we only employ performers who are at least 18 years of age. You will never see our performers at a competitor’s event – they are all under exclusive contracts with Energy and we do not ‘pool’ our talent.