Behind the Scenes

We are often asked where we get our dynamic staging and lighting, so now we are going to let you in on a little secret… we do it all ourselves!

Our designers are constantly researching the latest and greatest lighting & sound technologies available in the industry. Through attending annual industry tradeshows and receiving monthly publications from leading event technology companies, our designers are assured to be the most educated on the newest technologies.

Our designers apply their extensive knowledge to the development of the dynamic sets Energy is renowned for. New designs are constantly being developed on paper, and the best ones make it to the preliminary construction phase. The preliminary construction phase tests the strength, integrity and overall aesthetics of the project, and the ideas which pass those tests are moved into the construction phase. During the construction process, our expert team of engineers and welders produce the most mobile, durable and dynamic sets which are consistently checked for quality and finished to the most detailed standard – assuring your party has the most unique, best performing set possible.

Regardless of how mobile & durable our sets and equipment are, the transportation process can definitely take its toll on the overall fit and finish of our items. Things get nicked and scratched, and our full-time production staff evaluates and makes any necessary repairs on a weekly basis. We never want the set that comes to your party to be worn down and dirty, so we have a replacement schedule in place which assures our entire lighting, staging & sound inventory is retired and replaced on a regular basis.

In addition to retiring obsolete and worn down sets & equipment, we are constantly developing and refreshing the items that come standard in our packages – assuring our looks are fresh and exciting!