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Our business has grown primarily from the referrals and recommendations of our satisfied clients! If you have attended an Energy event or have used Energy’s services in the past, please feel free to share your thoughts and help our future clients make an informed decision about using Energy for their upcoming celebration.

Lauren & Jeff Lieberman

“We knew you and your team would throw a great party for Ami but Saturday afternoon was even more than we could have ever expected. The enthusiasm and energy level were fantastic. We have heard from many of the kids and adults about how much fun they had. We really, really, really appreciate all the effort and coordination that went into making this the best day of Ami’s life. You followed our game plan from the planning meeting with the music, the games, the dances and went above and beyond that. It was a pleasure to work with you, Jason, Geena, and the rest of your incredible team.”

Jeff and Lisa Goldfarb


Silverman Family

“Hi Brad, thanks for the voicemail. I appreciate all you said! The party was a huge success and a lot of that is because of how awesome you all are! We had so many people say how fantastic the DJ is and what is their name etc and say they want to talk to you etc. I hope you can get some much-deserved business out of it. We will definitely use you for Ryan in a few years, how could we not? 🙂 I was telling my friend that any party in which kids, parents, and grandparents are all tearing up the dance floor, is beyond a hit and everything you did helped make that happen!! Thanks again!”

Brodsky Family

I want to thank you for making Sydney’s party such a wonderful event! The music selection played, your dancers and most of all “you” the amazing MC were simply fabulous. The kids were engaged and entertained the whole time! It was so amazing. I have gotten several texts and comments asking who my dj company was because the kids went home raving about the party! I look forward to seeing you at other events in the future. If you ever need a recommendation for a potential client I would be happy to talk with them.

Thanks a million!!!!
Francine Brodsky

Shay Family

Brad, Gina and Mikee,

Wow do you know how to make a party fun! My mom and dad worked really hard to ensure that my Bat Mitzvah was extremely special but ENERGY made it a day that my friends, family and I will never forget. The location was wonderful, the food was great but honestly it was you guys that made the party what it was- they could not have picked a better DJ company! My party was in June and everyone is still talking about it. I expected to have a good time at my party, but what I got was way more than I could have ever imagined!!!! I felt like a princess and that I owned the day.

You guys kept the party going the entire time…. even the adults could not resist being on the dance floor. In fact, some of them even missed eating. I cannot thank you enough for making my day so special and memorable. Every time I look at the pictures and see all the fun everyone had on the dance floor…. it makes me smile! Thanks again for everything!!!! I would recommend you to anyone that wants to ensure their party is tons of fun!

Judi W

We were so pleased with our event. JB as emcee and dancers Gina and Lydal were fantastic! Let me preface my review by saying I was against even having this type of entertainment at our son’s bar mitzvah… I am so happy I was wrong! Working and planning with Brad made me comfortable that the event and his staff would create a party that was right for us and our family. Even a few things JB snuck in that I did not think I wanted were GREAT and helped create a cohesive event with all the kids AND all the adults involved. Too bad we have no more events coming up! Energy is the right name for this wonderful organization. Thanks Brad and company!!

Tracy Berg

We had very high expectations for our sons bar mitzvah. We wanted it to be a classy night yet fun for kids and adults. We expected it to be over the top! I must have spoke to at least 8 different DJ companies in Chicago before choosing ENERGY! We are in St. Louis so we had never met anyone from ENERGY until the night of the party. I cannot even explain how amazing they were. The energy and vibe was perfect all night long. They mixed so well with the kids and adults. They were not the party they were part of the party. They made it the incredible night it was. I booked them the following week to come back for our younger daughters bat mitzvah. I would not have it any other way. What made them perfect were the dancers, music choices, fun spirit, and I loved how they made sure our family was happy and involved all night. They are incredible!

Elliot and Denise Whitefeld

Hi Brad,

We just wanted to say, once again, “thank you”, for a job well done! The entire crew was fabulous! Our party was such a success due to the great job Eddie, the dancers, and David did at our party. When the bus driver got the kids to the party nearly 1/2 hour behind schedule, Eddie and the crew were awesome at dealing with an adjusted timetable. Also, Eddie was an expert at effectively distracting the kids with a fun exchange during a temporary music delay when our videographer went to show the montage. Finally, the entire crew was wonderful in getting a “boy-heavy” crowd of Bar/Bat Mitzvah boys/girls out on the dance floor the entire time. When we asked Robert to rate the party from 1 to 10, he immediately gave it a 10. 🙂

This being our second Mitzvah party… you have become part of our family history. We wish you continued success!

Thank you!

Elliot & Denise Whitefield
Melissa Gattuso

The 3 ingredients to a successful party: good music, food and entertainment. That is why we have returned to Energy productions with Jason as our emcee for all 3 of my children’s bnai mitzvahs (excluding the food part). Jason is a joy to work with and an honorary member of our family. Energy and Jason were able to successfully tailor each party to the specific needs and personalities of my 3 very different children.

Michael & Chloe

I believe the name alone sets the tone “Energy” and they bring it, start to finish. As for planning and preperation, they have this down to a science. And if you think that this is all for the kids, think again, every adult is in the mix. To be honest, just looking at the expression on the faces of all the kids said enough, in fact, the feedback after the event was overwhelming. Thanks again, will see you in a few years.

Ellen Baker

We just celebrated my son Eric’s Bar Mitzvah. We had Jason as our emcee, Lyndon, Dre and Nacho as our dancers. They were all AMAZING! The kids were up dancing the whole entire time, as were many of the adults. My son was sooo happy and tired at the end of the night, as was I, no one wanted the party to end. I would use them again in a heartbeat. I am so happy that many of my friends have booked Energy for their upcoming mitzvahs so that I can relive the experience again. The whole staff truly made the night MAGICALLY WONDERFUL! Thank you.

Alyssa & Jeremy Knobel

Thank you to Jason and the team at Energy! We did not look far and wide for the perfect DJ for our daughter’s bat mitzvah. From the moment we talked to Brad and met the team, we were sold.

Jason and his crew exceeded expectations and then some. Jason took the time to get to know us long before the party. Energy didn’t miss a trick, the team set the pace and our guests danced until the very last second. There was no need to make special requests or worry about a single detail. We knew we were in good hands and our guests were well taken care of throughout the night.

We look forward to our son’s bar mitzvah with Energy in four short years. We enthusiastically and highly recommend Energy!

Sara G.

I have spent the past few weeks searching for a DJ for my daughter’s bat mitzvah this coming winter. I was told by a party planner that “they are all the same”. After looking at a few, I humbly disagree. Indeed, we chose Energy not b/c of the lights or cool stage, but because the DJs and people were very different from the others.

Brad and his entire staff are extremely friendly, engaging and extroverted. At the mini events held at their location, you can see how they engage a room full of 50+ strangers – including those “who claim they don’t dance” . Plus its a wonderfuly opportunity for you to see all of the DJs and/or dancers available.

Coincidentally the following weekend, I witnessed them in action at my friend’s bar mitzvah (I had no idea they would be there ). What struck me most was the way Brad engaged the entire family — and this was a complicated family. The parents were divorced, one re-married, one not, some jewish, some not. And somehow — he was able to incorporate all — and in the most charming way that no one at that party would ever be aware of any tensions within the family. Even Bubbie’s boyfriend was acknowledged, and this was without any prompting from the hosts.

Equally as important, Energy’s focus with the kids is to engage all of them — not just the outgoing or ‘in-crowd’ or dancing kids. As soon as the kids arrive, Brad and his team are focused on them. I watched how Energy watches the kids, and was impressed by the way engage the “extroverts” and the less outgoing kids who seem to stand on the side – ultimately create a cohesive unit on the dance floor. The best is that none of choreographed dancing or games were patronizing. Brad has a nice wit and banter, so what would seem hokey is actually super fun and funny !!! At the end of the day they don’t just bring energy they bring positive energy !

The deal was sealed after watching another DJ at a different party, and this popular dj explaining that the lull we saw was due to the fact it was an afternoon party and toward the end of the party 2:15pm. I only know that my friend’s afternoon event had no downtime except that directed by Brad for lunch, speeches or the montage. We can’t wait for him and his team make our celebration wonderful !

NY Times Bestselling Author Simone Elkeles

My son’s bar mitzvah was this past weekend. I cannot express how amazing Brad and his staff were – we had four super-talented and adorable Energy dancers who interacted and danced with my guests the entire time and we even booked Energy’s drummer who was SO cool and talented. The drummer (who we saw at one of Brad’s showcases at his facility) was such a great bonus and was the cherry on top of the cake– I love the WOW factor and Brad and his staff delivered. Brad himself was the coolest! He was so great with all of my guests and interacted with them and made my son feel like a prince. He’s so energetic as an Emcee I don’t know how he does it. (We did a mom/son dance battle and Brad helped us execute it – every crazy request we had he was on board with) It’s two days later and my guests have not stopped calling me and telling me how incredible Energy was and how much fun they had. The teens, my adult friends, my family, and even my mom’s 75 year-old “alta kocker” friends were rocking out on the dance floor the entire time. Brad announced the food was being served but nobody sat down to eat because they were on the dance floor and didn’t want to go to their seats – Brad was THAT amazing! I’ve gotten so many parents and kids telling me it was “the best party ever!” My son had a smile on his face a mile wide the entire party – I’ve seriously never seen him that happy. I could cry just thinking about how special Brad made it for me and my family. If you’re looking to book someone, you can stop looking now.

Ann Blumenstein

I am actually at a lost for words. Energy productions turned out to be beyond our expectations and more. They truly know what they are doing. I booked them at such short notice that I thought there would be complications. I was so wrong!!! They planned, organized and was able to do our party perfectly! I had no idea just how organized this company was. I regret not using them for my other two bat mitzvahs. The other companies are nothing compared to this one. Brad and Jason were instrumental with my daughters bat mitzvah. They treat you like friends not just clients. I called numerous time asking for help with vendors and such. Everyone they recommended were perfect. They even offered to make a dress for me if I couldn’t find one. They returned all my phone calls and emails immediately. Their website was extremely helpful. My friend who recommended them was so right when she said all she has to do is sign a check and they do the rest. I couldn’t believe it, that is what actually happened. Thank you Energy for accommodating all of our request. My eldest daughter was so impressed after meeting them at the family metting that she took the initiative took to have them at her senior prom. Again the faculty could not believe how well prepared this company is. I am hoping to keep in touch with Energy I know they will be around for my three girls weddings!! Thank you again Energy for making my daughter’s dream party come TRUE!

Samantha Barbosa-Good

I can’t possibly write as good a review as Energy Productions deserves – they are simply amazing! We had one of their DJs, Josh, for our wedding reception and he really made the night perfect. He was friendly and funny, and really paid attention to what we wanted. He didn’t even make fun of me for demanding a particular Glee cover get played at some point in the evening. Our guests were really impressed by Josh and told us so repeatedly. He knew how to keep people out on the dance floor, and wasn’t afraid to change songs if it seemed like no one was into it. He stayed engaged in the music all night. He was professional but laidback, which helped keep me calm on what could have been a stressful day. I could go on forever about how fantastic he was, but I recommend you find out for yourself!

Brad, the owner, is also a delight to work with. He went through every single detail of our event with us and later sent a full schedule for our approval. He even handled an issue we were having with our event manager. I could tell he really cared about making our event special.

I would get married all over again, just to hire Energy Productions for the reception.

Lizzy Scheinfeld

Thank you Energy for making our children’s b’nai mitzvah so special for us all. Jason keeps the party going, is very upbeat and warm without being overbearing and loud! He is AMAZING. Everyone at our event, dancers, drummers, dj and Jason were warm, caring, happy to be there and took care of all of our guests. They really care about their jobs, the event, and the people they work with. Kids and adults had a great time. Thank you for everything!

Jennifer C.

Our son’s Bar Mitzvah this past weekend was a huge success and Energy deserves the credit for staging an amazing party for adults and kids alike. Our Emcee JB was absolutely terrific and kept everyone engaged and dancing throughout the night. The talented dancers and drummer added even more to the already festive atmosphere and high energy of the evening. Working with everyone at Energy to plan our event was also a pleasure. Jason, in particular, helped us create the timeline, provided suggestions and answered all of our questions. We highly recommend Energy — we had a terrific time!

Kathy Goldberg

Brad and the rest of the Energy crew,
OMG!!! You really and truly kept your promise!!!!! That was everything I wanted and more!!! You had more “energy” than I could ever imagine!! The music was perfect!! And the dancers were unbelievable!! They really “had the moves” and taught them to everyone else!! “I had the time of my life!!” I continue to get calls, emails, and texts all about how wonderful you all were!! My friend and I decided sometime soon in the future we need to have a party just so we can hire you again!!! If only I had more kids to have a bar mitzvah!! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you more than I could say!! You made this so incredibly wonderful for all of us!!!

Jon A.

Having now worked with Energy for both of my sons’ bar mitzvahs, it is clear that Brad has built a company culture that is wholly client centered- our events were about us, not Energy- high-service- they were always “one step ahead of us” in helping us plan; we never felt like we had to chase his team for this or that- and highly personalized- every aspect of our parties were tailored to our sons’ unique personalities.

I rarely write reviews, but we absolutely marveled at how Brad- and Jason for our first party- made us feel like we were his most important client. The dancers, the percussionists- and trust me, the percussionists are the best extra grand that you’ll ever spend- acted like they were genuinely honored to be at our event. The parties ROCKED- perfectly but not obnoxiously so- and somehow a kids party and adult evening seemed to happen simultaneously. Friends that we never thought would end up on the dance floor spent the entire evening there. My sons’ friends did Facebook postings calling it “the party of the year.” My sons just simply had a blast, and seemed to smile endlessly.

It’s almost impossible to avoid feeling that, as a host, you are underwriting everyone’s good time. Here’s what I can tell you: our parties seemed to be so “happening” and in such good hands, that we just relaxed and had the best time that we’ve ever had at a party. And that party was ours.

Debbie Lipman

Bradley is without a doubt the best MC in the Chicagoland area! My daughters Bat Mitzvah day was one of the best days in my life and I owe that to her and to Bradley! We’re coming up on four years and every time I watch the DVD, I think of the other parties I’ve attended and am reminded that we had the BEST! An MC can make or break a party and Energy definitely makes it! Everyone was out of their seats dancing the entire time and the flow of the party was perfect. The dancers really added the ‘flair factor’ and helped us older folks on all the dance moves. There is no one else I would call for a party.

Cindy Masover

I have no words to describe how much I love Energy and Brad Blumenthal! Brad was the emcee for both of my daughters’ bat-mitzvahs and he made the entire party for both. When Brad emcees, it feels like he has been your best friend forever. He is so personal and makes the family feel as though they are the most special people in the world. Brad made both parties so much fun! All of our guests told us how fabulous our parties were. They couldn’t stop raving about Energy and Brad. The kids had a blast with him and the adults were all dancing all night long. I am so sad that we are done having bat-mitzvahs. I wouldn’t use anyone else!!!! When I see Brad now at other people’s parties, I can’t stop hugging him. He is the best!!!

Lisa Gottstein

Success comes naturally to Brad Blumenthal, and his entire team of Dj’s and Dancer’s!
We just completed our youngest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, and the only thing I am unhappy with is that we have no more kid’s to have Mitzvah’s with! Our parties were both incredible! The kids and the adults were entertained and rocking all night! Brad deliver’s such personal style because he truly goes out of his way to make a personal connection with each family~especially the Bat Mitzvah child. His team deliver’s awesome music, talented dancer’s ,and Brad keeps the party moving throughout the evening with incredible style & energy! With Energy Production’s you can be assured that you’re party is in good hands! They are so organized from family night, to coordinating the dancer’s outfits, and working with your decor company to ensure everything is set up perfectly! I always knew I chose the right company for our Mitzvah’s, but the second time around blew us away! I didn’t think it could get any better than the first experience ,and Brad delivered a special night for our family beyond our expectations!

Michelle Kosmin

We LOVE Energy Productions! They were the entertainment for both our bat mitzvah, last weekend, and bar mitzvah 2 years ago. Brad, Jason and the rest of the crew were simply great to work with. They are true professionals, provided exceptional attention to detail and provided the best entertainment for the kids and adults that we could have hoped for. We had the pleasure of having Jason as our first MC and then Eddie. They are both amazing and brought the perfect amount of energy, professionalism and fun to the party. The dance team is also exceptional. There is a lot of talent to choose from. Most recently, we had Joey and Carla at our party. They are very talented, a great pair and got everyone moving. My sincere appreciation and admiration for the entire Energy Productions team. I’m just so sorry we won’t be having anymore bar/bat mitzvahs!

Marcy and Coleman

Having had the opportunity to work with Energy for all of our 3 children’s Bat/Bar Mitzvah parties in Cincinnati, I feel extremely well-qualified to state unequivocally that they are FANTASTIC!

For our oldest daughter, we went through all of the steps–family night, etc. and the event was terrific. For our middle son, we talked on the phone and emailed regularly with Jason, but we didn’t have time to visit Chicago for family night so we trusted his judgment on the dancers and activities and the event was wonderful. For our youngest, we didn’t have time to visit a family time or really spend much time on the phone or email planning the musical entertainment part of the event–frankly, we knew that Jason would have it all under control, and he did!

This past Saturday night, all 100+ kids (including 13 year olds and our older children’s 16 and 17 year-old friends) and 200+ adults agreed it was the best party ever. No pun intended, but the energy was so positive that everyone had a wonderful, wonderful time.

Our three children are very different from each other and Energy involved them exactly the way they wanted to be involved to make it perfect for them. We were delighted and it is our pleasure to recommend them 100%.

Marcia Osher

Energy performed at our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah Saturday February 25th, 2012. Jason, our MC, was OUTSTANDING as were our two dancers, Brian and Melissa. They captured the tone and feel of the party perfectly. Jason met with our family a few weeks in advance and really got to know our personality and style. Jason stayed on top of the entire planning process and did not let anything slip through the cracks. He was delightful to work with and you felt his genuine excitement for our event. We are thrilled with the results. Every member of the Energy team was extremely professional and classy and really connected with the 80 – 13 year -old kids at the party. Thank you!!

Carrie Rosen

We hired Energy for our Son’s bar mitzvah in May on 2011. Brad was the DJ and we had four dancers. They were all outstanding! My phone rang for two weeks after the party with friends and family complimenting the bar mitzvah. They were blown away by Energy! All the out-of-town guests were like, “who was that DJ? Amazing!” The night flew by, everyone was dancing it was so much fun! I can’t say enough great things about this company….a pleasure to deal with.

Bennett Braun

Having previously attended 1-2 bar/bat mitzvah parties where Energy provided the entertainment, my wife and I hired Energy for the February 2012 party to follow my son becoming bar mitzvah. From the beginning of the process, through the planning/staging of the evening, through the most important part – the event itself – and even a follow-up call by the owner on the Monday after, everyone was simply exceptional. Professional, competent, fun, helpful, exciting, enthusiastic, punctual, friendly – I can’t think of all the complimentary adjectives and adverbs to describe the entire group. Our MC (Eddie) was perfect, as were our DJ (David) and three dancers (Abe, Carla, and ?(sorry)). People were on the dance floor for appropriately selected music the entire night, from the first song until the last (five hours later). Eddie, David, and the three dancers not only kept 65 thirteen-year-olds completely entertained and occupied the entire evening, they seamlessly kept the adults engaged, enthusiastic, smiling, and an active part of the celebration as well. Energy exceeded our high expectations. I would not hesitate to hire Energy for a mitzvah party, wedding reception, or corporate event. Brad, Jason, Matt & Co. are the best!

Lauren T.

We hired Energy for our son’s bar mitzvah in January 2012. They were fabulous to work with from start to finish. Brad came to our house and fully described all of the options and pricing available. He also invited us to a “family night” where we got to personally meet and select our MC AND each of the dancers for our party. As anyone planning a party like this knows, the DJ can make or break the party. Energy and JB did not disappoint! We did not use a party planner so we relied a lot on what Jason told us about the flow and general schedule of the party He was completely right about everything and beyond organized. Our MC JB kept the party rocking. I am happy to say that the noise level was appropriate and both the kids and adults felt comfortable with the music selections Lastly, our dancers Gina, Melissa and Jason were unbelievable. We were very pleased with our experience using Energy Productions and would recommend them highly to anyone!

Larissa Goldenberg ABC and Event Planner

As an Event planner I work with quite a few DJ companies not only in Chicago but nationwide. In my opinion , after 25+ years in the business, that success of any event no matter if it is a Wedding , Bat Mitzvah or Anniversary mostly depends on a great music and MC.
It is truly a pleasure working with Energy and their staff, especially owner Brad Blumenthal and Jason. Very responsive to any request, great up to date equipment and whole range of extra’s to accommodate any themed parties, which makes Clients extremely happy, of course. Professional dancers really engage all the guests on the dance floor from 3 year old to 95! Their famous family nights/showcases allows kids and adults alike to see in action the whole range of dancers, MC’s and choices of staging /DJ booth /boards way in advance of their Events and choose and pick their favorite dancers. Never mind, that kids attending the showcases have a great time to begin with.
I am certainly will continue to recommend Energy to my clients, knowing that whatever was promised to my client and more will be delivered and done, that guests at the party will really have a great time!

Barb Alexander

Energy lead my daughters Bat mitzvah party. They were a pleasure to work with. Everything was spelled out and organized. I knew exactly what I needed to do. They were always available for questions. They made it stress free during a very stressful life cycle event. The party was run perfectly and everyone had fun. I was so glad I picked energy!

Tammy Max

Let me start that there is no other dj production company that I would ever think of using other then energy. I have used them for all my mitzvahs and have one left and even switched my date to use brad. He is the best of the best. He keeps the kids and adults entertained for the entire night. His dancers are awesome… All of energy’s staff is great. They treat you as family . Energy has become our family. If it was up to me I would suggest them to everyone having a event….
Enjoy Energy because they have the energy….



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