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There’s no better time in life to come together than to celebrate the love of two becoming one…

My name is Brad Blumenthal, and I am the owner of Energy Productions. It’s with joy and excitement that I share a sincere congratulations on your upcoming wedding (or anniversary celebration!).

With almost four decades of helping couples celebrate their love, we’ve refined the daunting “wedding planning” that most find challenging or overwhelming and have made it easy and enjoyable.

There’s no substitute for experience- that’s why Energy is your best choice for entertainment. Our company has produced 10,000+ events since 1989, and we recognize the significant changes weddings have gone through over the years. I believe social evolution, marriage trends, and technology have all greatly impacted the industry. Being at the forefront, we will provide the highest level of guidance beyond just making a music playlist and showing up the day of.

What makes us different is our approach. We’re a DJ company and music is very important; however, it’s the last box we check while planning. What’s most important is developing and understanding the right feel, style, and structure of your celebration. Whether it’s traditional, modern, beach, vintage, rustic or destination, with our experience we work together to create the warmth that’s necessary to make a beautiful celebration for all. With this in mind, we will not just be at your wedding, we will be part of it.

Because no two marriages are the same, it’s best for us to connect directly to further discuss your wedding vision. Please use the “Check Availability” link, and I will follow up to schedule our initial call to learn more about your preliminary plans and to further introduce you to Energy. Thank you again for stopping by today.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Brad Blumenthal



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