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Energy DJs are true DJs! What sets them apart? A true DJ possesses the mastery of manual beat-matching and live music mixing, skillfully delivering your music to create the energy needed on the dance floor.

Similar to playing a musical instrument, DJing requires years of practice and unwavering dedication. Unfortunately, this art form has been diminished over time with the introduction of technology that offers a “sync button” as a shortcut. This allows anyone to be labeled a DJ without possessing the higher level of skills.

Our DJs bring an experienced understanding of music to the turntables. When performing at most events, we cater to multiple generations simultaneously. We possess the ability and agility to read the crowd, comprehend their preferences, and deliver the perfect music that resonates with everyone.

In preparation for your event, we will have detailed discussions about the music you want to hear, and equally important, the music you do NOT want to hear. Your playlist serves as our DJ’s roadmap to ensure the success of your event. We have all heard the horror stories of DJs who neglect to play requested songs, but rest assured, that will not happen here.



DJ Rica

DJ Deadpool

DJ Twonee

DJ Chase

DJ Superman

DJ Art D




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