How do you differ from everyone else?

It begins with our staffing philosophy – our entire performance staff must be a minimum of 18 years of age. You are paying top dollar for entertainment and high school kids simply do not have the maturity to handle the kids plus work with the adults, regardless of their dance ability. In addition, the average 16 year old DJ does not know the music that your adult guests want to hear. Energy DJs must be a bit more experienced and undergo a vigorous training process before they ever control your dance floor! It can all be so overwhelming, but from our family night to our confirmation process to our R&D department, we guarantee your party will have its very own feel!

How can I see what you really do?

Please contact us so you can attend one of our frequent family nights. See all of our entertainers live and really get a sense of what it’s like at an Energy event. Videos alone can only show you clips from the “best” parties and do not give a true sense of the emcee’s personality and how comfortable your family feels with him or her. Try us out!

I’ve seen parties where the guest of honor is on the risers or doing dances. I know my son won’t do that!

No problem! We would never want him to feel stressed, especially at his own party. We will obtain all family specifics beforehand so there are no surprises.

How do I request staff?

We strongly recommend for you to attend one of our bi-monthly family nights where you are the guest of honor. All of our dancers and emcees attend, and you get a chance to meet them one-on-one and see them all in action. Additionally, if you see any of our performers at a party you attend prior to yours, feel free to call us and let us know who you like.

I can’t book a location yet. Is it smart to book a DJ before I have a location?

Over 75% of our future clients book us without knowing their location! We can accommodate any venue, so when booking our services, location is not key!

What is the benefit of booking early?

You can put your mind at ease that a major part of your party’s success is secured. Also, you secure today’s prices and are not subject to our future price increases.

Can I ever upgrade my package?

Of course you can. We could never expect you to know exactly what you need 2-3 years in advance. But remember, prices are locked-in only on items that are secured.

If I purchase my own giveaways or pass-outs, will your staff still hand them out?

Of course! As a side note, we do buy party favors in bulk and our costs may be lower than what you may be able to get elsewhere.

What if my DJ is no longer with you when my party occurs?

All of our emcees sign contracts with us which are visible for you to see in our conference room. In the case that someone falls ill, you can trust our 22 plus years of professionalism. We would not be where we are today if we ran a sub-standard business. On another note, entertainment changes continuously and we are constantly training and seeking out new talent. In fact, if at any time you notice a different talent than from what you originally selected you may change! *(based on availability)

My party falls at the end of a long succession of parties. That worries me!

Don’t fret. We will ask you what parties you will be attending prior to your own and modify the structure of yours accordingly. Keep in mind that you are talking about one full year of parties- we have over 22 years under our belt with more things up our sleeves than you can imagine. We assure you that each party will be unique!

I want more of a religious or traditional aspect to my affair. How can I ensure that you can do this for me?

Although not every Emcee and DJ is Jewish, you are not asking him/her to read the Haftorah! Our staff is well versed in the traditions and during the confirmation process will heed all your concerns.

I saw you last week and you were wild on the dance floor. Before that, the same Emcee was very low key. Was that an off-night?

As weird as it sounds, that is the biggest compliment! While we want your guests to have a great time, you are our primary concern. Your idea of fun may vary greatly from that of your guests or other parties.

How many dancers do I need?

It is always your choice, but we recommend 1 dancer for every 40-50 guests (adults included).

Do you come with a set plan or can my guests request songs?

We never do the same thing twice. Your party takes on a personality all its own and we build off that. And yes, requests are always welcome! With over 45,000 songs in our music database, we have virtually any song that one of your guests may request!

What kind of music do you play?

The types of songs we play completely depend on the type of party environment you are attempting to achieve.  During the confirmation process you will be able to make specific requests as well as inform us of any particular songs you do not want played.  Regardless of the style of music,
all of our music is edited: there are no dirty lyrics played at your event.




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