Glossary of Terms

Cocktail Hour Entertainment

These are pre-function games and contests to intrigued and engage the kids while your adult guests are mingling and enjoying their adult cocktail time. Our activities are always changing with current trends to keep the kids on their toes! Our event coordinators will go over our current offerings during the confirmation call before your event.


Our dancers are compared to party camp counselors. They lead in dances and simplify the fun so all your guests are comfortable participating. Dancers work to keep control over the kids and keep their energy channeled to the dance floor.


The person responsible for all the music and lighting during your event. Along with the emcee, the DJ reads the energy level of the group and determines the musical selection. The DJ takes requests at the party as well, assuring that all your guests are satisfied with the music selection!


Your Master of Ceremonies and much more. He/she coordinates with the photographer, caterer, videographer and most especially, YOU. The emcee is responsible for igniting all of the fun and getting guests to party. Whether you want a traditional, subdued affair or a high-energy extravaganza, the emcee will modify his/her approach based on your desires.


Giveaways are the “chachkees” that are used on the dance floor to bring life to the music. Whether it’s glow-necklaces, shutter-glasses or tambourines, your guests will not only hear the music, but feel it as well.


A sentimental memento of the affair, the video montage takes up to 100 still pictures or a combination of still photos and video-clips from your vast collection of family moments, and combines it to yield a presentation for all your guests. You choose the songs and we compile the photos and videos to create a journey through time. When we produce a montage, we also present it at the party on our projector & screen at no additional cost.


Standard Black Dance Risers: Our two-tiered black platform comes standard with each of our Mitzvah packages. Energy performers and, most importantly, your guests will find themselves as part of the entertainment experience as they dance on top of each level. Risers are generally set in front of the DJ setup and can accommodate up to 15 people.

Upgraded Risers: We currently have an array of custom-built dance risers which incorporate LED lighting technology which provide visual effects and movement to the focal area of the dance floor. Serving the same purpose as the Standard Risers, the LED-lit risers can be custom programmed to match the colors of your theme and decor.



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