Energy DJs

The success of Energy Productions can be directly attributed to the background, training and talent of our staff! An Energy event would not be possible without the dedication of our talented performers. From our Emcees – to our DJs – to our Interactive Dancers and Percussionists, Energy’s team members are truly professionals.

Our exclusive staffing philosophy assures that the people who are performing at your event are at the top of their game! Unlike many of our competitors, we do not hire talent from other companies. We use a unique approach to finding the most talented individuals outside of the industry; we sign new talent on and train them to be the exceptional performers Energy is known for. We pride ourselves on the loyalty of our team-members; our staff does not look at your event as a job, rather as an additional opportunity to demonstrate their interest in performance.

Energy encompasses being different from the competition. While many competitors in the market hire high school dancers as a cost-savings approach, we encompass a strict age requirement for all performers. From our years of experience in the industry, we can confidently affirm that high-school kids simply do not have the maturity, strength and leadership qualities necessary to lead a dance floor packed with 7th and 8th graders who are not much younger than themselves. All Energy talent is at least 18 years of age and has both strong performance and leadership qualities.

When you compare our talent to the competition, you will clearly see that There Is A Difference!

Energy Emcees

The Master of Ceremonies is the talent on the microphone during your event. In addition to assuring the interaction of each of your guests, our emcees work closely with your other vendors to assure that the party comes together as a successful whole. Each of our emcees has been hand-selected and personally trained by the owner and founder or Energy, Brad Blumenthal.

Energy Dancers

Our Interactive Dancers work closely with the emcee to assure maximum crowd participation. They create an environment that makes every guest feel welcome on the dance floor, regardless of the guest’s dance ability. In addition, the dancers assist in passing out any giveaways and dance prizes during your event.

Energy dancers are not just performers! Many professional dancers have amazing stage talent, however when it comes to interacting with a crowd of adults and kids alike, they freeze up. Our choreographers hand-select dancers that not only have unsurpassed performance ability, but also have the leadership skills and outgoing personality to control the kids and make the adults feel comfortable on the dance floor. Except during specific portions of the party, our dancers are not ‘performing’ on stage – they are out on the dance floor, interacting with your guests!

So, where do you recognize our dancers from?

Energy has a unique recruiting process that sets our talent aside from the competition. The majority of our dancers have been recruited from some of the nation’s largest dance schools or from audition pools of nationally syndicated talent contests.

You may recognize some of our dancers from various television shows including:

American Idol | America’s Got Talent | So You Think You Can Dance?

Or from various national tours including:

Cirque du Soleil | Twista | Kanye West

Energy Percussionists

Inspired by the latest trend in the nation’s largest club scenes, our percussionists create a concert environment at your event.  Playing along with the music during high-energy dance sets, our drummers work alongside the emcee and dancers to further engage the guests at your party.

Our percussionists are not just live-music reinforcement – they are an act of their own!  During the party they ‘show off’ performance tricks they have acquired over their 15 years of live-music experience.



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